Plasson Mechanical Compression - Stop Tap - 25mm

Plasson Mechanical Compression - Stop Tap - 25mm

  • Brand: Plasson
  • Product Code: Plasson Mechanical Compression
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A WRAS Approved Mechanical fitting with a working pressure of up to 16 bar.  Each Plasson Mechanical fitting is required to undergo a series of rigorous tests to achieve WRAS certification. The fitting is also frost proof and highly impact resistant.  The fitting body is made from polymers constructed to WRAS certification so no harmful materials harbouring bacterial growth will leak into the water as it flows through the fitting.

To install the fitting simply insert the pipe into the fitting body up to the pipe stop, push the clinching ring up to the fitting body and tighten the nut ring. The fitting features a split resistant captive O-ring made from strong polyacetal to ensure the fittings perform exceptionally against leaks.

To remove the compression fitting from the pipe, unscrew and remove the nut then, prise the grip/clinching ring from the pipe and remove the pipe from the main body of the fitting. Make sure you place the O-ring correctly back inside the body of the fitting before you re-insert the pipe.

Please Note: We recommend using PTFE tape for threaded connections.

* WRAS approval is required for any water fitting which will receive and carry water from the public mains supply, these must comply with British regulations and Scottish Bylaws. This is a certificate to demonstrate that the product does not contaminate, waste and is “of an appropriate quality and standard” which satisfies the requirement of the regulations and bylaws.

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